Oncology Esthetics

Skin changes are common during cancer therapy due to a number of reasons and are frequently the result of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and medications. 

Skin in the largest organ of the body.  It's divided into three major layers: the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.  Each layer has an important job and houses many systems that work together.  Under normal circumstances, these systems interact to produce healthy skin.  During cancer therapies, skin becomes stressed and can cause any number of reactions.  Dehydration is at the top of this list of reactions, and may cascade into various irritations including rashes, bruising, sensitivity to touch, changes in skin color, dilated pores, and infections. 

The psychological effects many clients endure because of these conditions have their own negative impact.  Certainly, cancer patients need all their strength and well being to fight this disease.

Certified Oncology Estheticians have undergone extensive education to understand how cancer and therapy treatments effect the body at the dermal and lymphatic level.  Certified Oncology Estheticians are also trained to be familiar with medication side effects and the importance of proper sanitation.  Treatments are customized to the client, his/her type of cancer and their medical treatment regimen.  Oncology spa treatments can help combat and soothe many side effects associated with cancer therapies.

Healing Touch Facial                                                                     $65.00

A calming, soothing, caring facial designed for the client whose skin needs extra TLC during her/his cancer treatment. This facial is designed to help with some of the issues in the skin that cancer treatment can bring out.  We will discuss any skin issues you are having during, as well as after, your cancer treatment, and customize the facial to help calm and soothe your skin.   Allow yourself to relax while enjoying a gentle cleansing, a light exfoliation and a healing mask to give you that extra radiance.  Light massage movements where appropriate are included in this treatment.  Come unwind and allow yourself to be pampered.  This is your hour of relaxing and healing.